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Younger Bros. Apiaries:

Welcome to Younger Bros Apiaries. We are located within a short driving distance of San Antonio and Austin in Seguin TX. We currently produce Out-Back Hive Stands and Beekeeping Woodenware. For the past twenty years we have produced our own Woodenware and Hive Stands for hobbyist and commercial use. Our Woodenware includes Hive Frames, Hive Bodies (Both Supers and Deeps) and Kenyan Top Bar Hives. Plans are to expand by the end of 2016/2017 to offer a full line of beekeeping  equipment & supplies.

Honey Bee Removal ServiceYounger Bros. Apiary Seguin TX2016 Honey Bee Colony Removal Seguin TX

Younger Bros. Apiaries offers Honey Bee Removal Service For the Seguin and South Texas area.

Registered with the Texas Apiary Inspection Service for the removal of Honey Bees.

Assembled Hives:

Younger Bros. ApiaryYounger Bros. Apiaries offers Complete ready to use assembled hives. No assembly required. Pre-assembled equipment is ideal for anyone getting started in beekeeping. Pricing for assembled equipment is very affordable. Complete kits are available for both Langstroth and Top Bar Hives. Assembled Hives come complete with wax foundation starter strips in Langstroth hives and embedded wax foundation in Langstroth equipment.



Manufacturer of Beekeeping Woodenware & Hive Stands

Younger Bros. Apiary

Single & Double Hive Stands

Younger Bros. Apiaries manufactures our own brand name “Out-Back Hive Stands”. We also offer beekeeping woodenware. Woodenware we produce includes Nuc Boxes, Langstroth Hive Bodies (Deep & Supers) and Kenyan Top Bar Hives (KTBH). We also produce commercial “Row” Hive Stands that allow multiple hives to be placed on one stand. This stand is way more affordable than purchasing multiple hive stands for larger apiaries.

Younger Bros. Apiary

Commercial Row Hive Stands:

Younger Bros. Apiaries. Commercial Row Hive Stands are designed for  larger Beekeeping operations. Our commercial Row Hive Stands are ideal for Nucleus Colonies which makes inspections a breeze and keeps Nucs off the ground. Commercial Row Hive Stands are also ideal for Honey Production Colonies that are not moved season to season. High ground clearance allows cleaning under the colonies/ stand giving the beekeeper better visibility. Raising colonies off the ground also prevents skunks and other rodents from easily accessing the hive entrance.