About Us

About Us. (Younger Bros.)

Younger Bros. started business in Seguin TX. in the early 1980’s as A&G Welding/ Younger Bros. Doing primarily steel fabrication in South Texas. In early 2001 we started producing Gun and Security Safes as well as Vault Doors. Our customer base was both Commercial and residential. During the early 80’s Saul Creek Apiary was born and more attention was geared towards beekeeping and building our own stock. See more on Beekeeping Below.

Steel Fabrication (Out-Back Hive Stands)

Younger Bros. Woodenware and Hive StandIn early 2005 we started producing beekeeping hive stands. Hive Stand designs were tested in our own apiaries and designs were changed in order to provide hive stands that were not only functional but were built to last for years. Our hive stands are produced for both commercial and hobby beekeeping use. Our “Out-Back” Hive Stands were introduced at this time after several years of testing various designs with built in reservoirs to prevent ants from entering hives.

Woodenware Fab Shop

Having fabricated our own beekeeping woodenware. ( Hive Frames, Hive Bodies, Telescopic and Migratory Lids, Inner Covers and Bottom Boards) for the past 30 plus years we are now selling woodenware that is not needed in our own Apiaries. We now produce both Langstroth and Kenyan Top Bar Hives (KTBH) for sale to the public. All our Langstroth hive bodies feature cut in hand holds for ease of moving and are available preassembled and painted if needed. We also offer Telescopic Hive Covers, Inner Hive Covers for ventilation and Solid and Screened Bottom Boards. Our Top Bar Hives feature an insulated top that aids in preventing heat build up within the hive.

Beekeeping Experience:

Our interest in beekeeping started over 45 years ago at the age 9. I helped my dad assemble frames and hive bodies, remove honey supers and extract honey and helped hive package bees. I was there on most every swarm call and I took my share of bee stings while getting too close during hive inspections. I can also fondly remember and looked forward to going to A.I. Root in San Antonio TX to pick up Package Bees and Beekeeping Supplies with my Dad. Sadly A.I. Root stopped offering Beekeeping Supplies but kept their candle business open for many years in San Antonio.

Over the past twenty or so years we have provided local beekeepers with Hive Equipment as well as Hive Stands and Beekeeping Supplies out of our own supply stock when available. We are now proud to announce that over the following year we will start expanding our Beekeeping Supply business. We guarantee our prices wont be beat!

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