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<strong><strong>Beekeeping Hive Stands</strong></strong>Out-Back Hive Stands

Our Out-Back Beekeeping Hive Stands were designed for years of use and for function. We currently offer several different models of raised hive stands. Our Beekeeping Hive Stands are designed for hobbyist, sideliners and commercial beekeeping operations. The Out-Back line of hive stands was designed to raise the hive off the ground for easier access. Less bending over means less stress on the beekeepers back and makes hive inspections much less stressful.




Beekeeping Hive Stands W/Built In ReservoirOut-Back Hive Stand W/Built In Reservoirs

Out-Back Hive Stands are available with or without ant proof reservoirs which prevent ants from entering the hive. Our Out-Back hive stands also come with a number of features that other hive stands do not have. As mentioned we offer hive stands with built in reservoirs that allow the beekeeper to add mineral oil or other type of oil to prevent ants such as the destructive fire ant or the crazy ant from entering the hive. All of our hive stands come standard with tie down hoops that allow the beekeeper to strap down the hive to the stand preventing the hive from being blown off the stand or the lid being blown off during high wind/rain events. Next our Out-Back Hive Stands have a slight angle built in to prevent water from entering the hive during rain events which aids keeping moisture out of the hive. The top rails on all our Out-Back Hive Stands are designed to allow the bottom board to sit in-between the rail rails which prevents the bottom board from slipping off the stand. Out-Back Hive Stands also come with drilled bases which allow the use of treated landscape timbers which keeps the metal stand off the ground preventing rust. The use of landscape timbers also raises the stand by 3+ inches which prevents the stand from sitting in standing water and gives the stand a firm solid footing.

Out-Back Beekeeping Hive Stands Benefits:

  • Raises Hive off the ground making hive inspections easier on the beekeepers back.
  • Raised Hive Stand allows grass and weeds to be cleared from under hive aiding in preventing snakes from hiding.
  • Aids in preventing Skunks from feeding on bees by raising the hive entrance off the ground.
  • Tie-Down Hoops are built into ever stand we build allowing beekeeper to safely anchor the hive to the stand. No more blown off lids.
  • Slight Front Angle built into stand aids in preventing water from entering hive via the bottom board cutting down on excess moisture within the hive.
  • Hive Stand Feet have holes for attaching treated landscape timbers to keep metal parts from touching the ground preventing premature rusting of the stand.
  • Hive Stand Models With Built In Reservoir/s aid in preventing ants from entering the hive and prevent bees that have been ejected from the hive from returning. 

Out-Back Beekeeping Hive Stand Models

Out-Back Hobby Model Hive Stand:

Out-Back Hobby Model Beekeeping Hive Stands are built from heavy gauge steel and are simple and easy to assemble. Hobby model stands are coated with a rust preventative coating which aids in preventing rust. The feet of the Hobby model hive stand feature heavy gauge steel plates with holes that allow treated wood landscape timbers to be attached which raises the stand an additional 3 inches and keeps the metal feet off from contacting damp soil. Treated Landscape timbers are advised as they aid in widening the side to side and front to back foot print making the stand more stable as honey supers are added. Landscape timber skids also prevent the stand from sinking in damp soil conditions preventing tip overs. Cross bracing makes this stand far superior to other stands offered at a higher price.

Model #OBH-HS                 Price- $49.95 

Note: Shipping for this product is not available at this time. Pick-up at our location only.

Out-Back Commercial Row Hive Stand

Beekeeping Hive Stands w/HivesRow Beekeeping Hive Stands

Out-Back Row Beekeeping Hive Stands

Beekeeping Hive StandRow Hive stands allow multiple hives to be placed on one stand which is a cost effective way to go for multiple hives. The area below the stand is completely open which makes cleaning the ground under the stand a breeze and makes for better visibility. Row Hive Stands are also great for Spring and Fall Nucleus Colonies by keeping the colonies off the ground preventing moisture from entering the hives as well as making the hives less accessible to crawling pest.






Adjustable Tie-Down Hoops

Beekeeping Hive StandsAdjustable tie-down hoops allow the beekeeper to anchor any size hive/box to the stand making this stand ideal for Nucleus colonies and full size equipment alike. Our Row Hive Stand is a full 20″ off the ground which makes it ideal for Nucleus Colony Yards, Queen Breeding Yard or full size colonies.




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