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Portable Hog Trap Pen


Pro-Trapper Sportsman Hog Trap Feeder Pen


8' Wide X 17' Long Trap Panel Pen System W/ Feeder Hanger


Our Pro-Trapper Portable Hog Trap Pen was specially designed and developed for serious Feral Hog Control. For several years we have advised property Owners, Farmers and Ranchers to set up panel systems around existing Deer Feeders where Feral Hogs are already comfortable and associate the sound of a Feeder going off with a free meal. The problem has been that Deer Feeders are not always available in areas where Feral Hogs have migrated into. We also highly recommend to customers Pre-Baiting which gets Feral Hogs used to entering and feeding out of a trap. The problem with this is that most people do not have the time to go to the trap everyday to Pre-Bait or may only trap on the weekends. This is where our built in Feeder Bucket Hanger comes into play.


Our Pro-Trapper Portable Hog Trap Pen is designed and built like no other trap panel system in the industry. Measuring 8' wide X 17' long and designed to allow panel sections to be opened allowing hogs easy entry and gain confidence in entering and eating out of the trap.

 Advantages of using the Pro-Trapper Portable Hog Trap Pen:

Choice of Sportsman Guillotine Hog Trap Front or Sportsman Side Swing Door Hog Trap Front

Side Swing Door

Hog Pen Specifications: Oblong Shaped Pen 

System comes complete ready to start trapping with:

Note: Built To Order, NOT IN STOCK!  Due to the variety of Feral Hog Traps that we produce we no longer keep traps in stock. All Feral Hog Traps are built to order.

Thank you for your understanding.

 Note:  We no longer accept Credit Cards
Product Order # Description Price
PTS-817G  Sportsman   W/Guillotine Door  
PTS-817SS  Sportsman  W/Side Swing Door  
PTS-817DD  Sportsman   W/Drop Door  
Optional Doors    
PTS-817PTG Pro-Trapper Guillotine Door  
PTS-817PTSS Pro-Trapper Side Swing Door  
5GFB 5 Gallon Feeder Bucket W/Timer  
5GSFB 5 Gallon self Feeder Bucket  

Trapping & Setup Instructions

Portable Hog Trap Pen System Trapping Instructions:  The following instructions are designed to be used with this trap system to insure optimum trapping results. We do however encourage you to be creative with your trapping and try different baits as well as trapping techniques. You may also want to check out our How to Trapping section for more trapping information.  Thank you.

Step 1.  (Day 1)

1. Locate a flat level area to set up your panel system. areas that are slightly brushy and close to Hog Paths are ideal. Do not place the trap directly on a Hog Path.

2. Starting with the Hog Trap Front connect (1) 5' Panel to the Front using the supplied 46" long Connecting Rod. Repeat the same procedure using a 5' panel on the opposite side of the trap front. Next locate and attach the 33" wide panels to the end of the 5' panels, one on each side. Next add a 5' panel to each of the 33" panels that were just installed. You will want to make sure these panels are parallel and as close to 8' apart as possible to allow the Feeder Bucket Hoop to be installed to the top rails. Do not install anymore panels at this time unless you do not plan on using the Feeder Bucket Hoop.

3. Locate the (2) Feeder Bucket Brackets and Hoop. The two brackets and hoop must be assembled on the ground before installing the hoop on top of the panels. Slide (1) bracket on each end of the hoop and secure with the supplied 3/8" bolt, lock washer and nut. When the brackets are securely attached to the hoop raise the hoop up and place it on top of the last two 5' panels top rails. Secure the Feeder Bucket Hoop with the (4) (two on each side) bolts, washers & nuts.

4. Next locate (2) 5' Panels and attach them to the ends (1 each side) of the 5' panels that are supporting the Feeder Bucket Hoop. These will angle in slightly toward each other allowing the final 33" panel to be installed. Locate the last 33" panel. Adjust the last 5' panels to accept the 33" panel and insert remaining 46" connecting rods.

Note:  We highly recommend driving a T-Post in on each side of the Trap Front Door and on the outside of each panel close to the connecting joint for optimum strength.


We highly recommend leaving the trap without baiting and leaving the traps door in the open position to prevent a non target animal from becoming trapped for at least 1 week to allow the trap to season. Seasoning allows the trap to take on the areas smells and allows any human scent to dissipate. Baiting and Trapping right away after handling the trap may make Hogs become extremely hesitant to enter the trap and associate the trap with human scent which is the cause of what many refer to as "Trap Smart Hogs"', these hogs are not actually trap smart but people weary and will learn to associate a trap with humans.

Step 2. (Day 5-7)

Optional Pre-Baiting:   This Trap was designed for Pre-Baiting for maximum trapping results and it is highly recommended when using a Feeder Bucket.

A.  For optimum results starting on Day 5-7 set feeder to dispense feed once in the morning just after sunrise and once in the evening just before dark. Note: Make sure the panels are secure either by using T-Post or Feet Anchors (supplied), Open the three 33" panels to outside as shown in the picture. Also secure the door in the open position to allow hogs to freely enter and exit the trap at will. The idea here to get the hogs used to entering the trap from all sides without fear and establishing the trap as an easy food source. This also works great on Feral Hogs that are skittish and hesitant about entering a trap. Reducing stress aids in trapping more animals.

B.  After the 33" Panels and Door are set in the open position place a fair amount of bait on the ground making sure to evenly dispense feed in all areas of the trap and just outside leading into the trap.

c.  Walk away and leave the trap for at least 3 days. Do not check the trap for at least 3 to 4 days. One of the worst things a trapper can do is over check the trap during pre-baiting.

Step 3(Day 10)

Note: Before moving on to this step make sure Feral Hogs are entering and eating bait inside trap. If not Keep Pre-Baiting for another 3 -4 days before moving on to Step 3.

A.  Check for feral hog signs inside and outside around the trap. Limit your movement around and inside the trap and do not touch anything without wearing Latex Gloves to prevent leaving human scent. Remember the longer you linger the more scent you leave. Hogs have a very acute sense of smell.

B.  Making sure to have Latex Gloves on, close the two side 33" panels and secure them using the connecting rods. You have now reduced the entrances from 4 to 2, the 2 left open will be the Trap Door Front and the far end 33" panel.

C.  Walk away and leave the trap for another two to three days.

Step 4(Day 13)

A. Again check for Feral Hog Signs. The inside of the trap should now show definite signs of Feral Hog activity. Check and refill Feeder Bucket if needed, make sure to wear Latex Gloves to reduce leaving scent on the bait and feeder.

B. Close the remaining 33" Panel (all panels should now be closed with only the trap door remaining in the open position)

C. Locate the supplied steel cable trip line. Feed the trip line through the built in trip line locating hoops which are located on the left side of the pen starting at the hoop closest to the door. The trip line has two different heights that it can be set at (10" and 16"). After deciding the trip line height you want, feed the trip line through the appropriate height hoop and anchor it on the opposite panel using the supplied cable clamps.



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-New-   Portable Hog Trap Pen   -New-

W/Built in Feeder Hanger 

Pro-Trapper Sportsman Hog Trap Feeder Pen

Our Newest Hog Trap Panel System is designed for trapping even the hardest to trap Feral Hogs and can be ordered with a variety of Trap Door Models.


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